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Al Reid

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

 All in all, Al's passion for the outdoors drove him to own and operate over nine fly-in fishing resorts and outposts across Ontario, Manitoba, and Nunavut, over a span of 50 years.  Chief amongst these was Knee Lake Resort, which he built from the ground up. From the drafting of the blueprints to the laying of every log, Al had a hand in every aspect of its construction. It was his greatest professional accomplishment. The camp was in a league of its own, a luxurious wilderness resort which offered some of the best fresh water fishing in North America.

Many Stork Lake guests came to fish at Knee Lake, and many staff returned to work for Al.

After retiring in 2005, he enjoyed travelling, visiting old friends, and passing on his stories to his five grandchildren. Al died September 6, 2018, at the age of 88.

Al will be remembered most for his loving devotion, unfailing integrity, and generosity of time and spirit to all his family, friends and everyone who worked with him.

Two Old Masters, Al Reid and Barney Lamm, with a young student, Al's grandson Reece, Knee Lake, 1993.

Next generation of Reids to enjoy the outdoors. Al with all his grandchildren at Knee Lake. From left, Chanel, Ashley, Reece, Phil Jr, Brittany.  Knee Lake 2000.

Helen & Al on shorelunch.

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