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Photo Gallery

Canso 1979


Stork Lake before the paint 1964

Stork Lake before painted.

Reids 1964

Reids 1964


Mrs. Stewart's Bluing - how we kept the sheets white

Joe Vanasse, Johnny Gibbons, Al 1964

Joe Vanasse, Johnny Gibbons, Al Reid

Office/mechanic shed/Reid home 1964

Office/shop/Reid Quarters

Old Lodge/Kitchen 1964

Old Lodge/Kitchen 1964

Al & Bill Pier in front of the house cabin 1965

Al & Bill Pire

Roger Vanasse 1964

Roger Vanasse 1964

Phil's Muskie compared to a 30 pounder Yes, his dad DID mount it!

Phil's Muskie compare to a 30 pounder LOL. Yes, his dad DID mount it!

Bald! Roger Vanasse, Danny, Rick Anderson, Phil & Al Reid 1966

Bald! Roger, Ricky, Danny, Phil, with Al

Bear Swizzle Stick

The Bear Swizzle Stick

The Reids with Gordon MacCrae 1967

The Reids with Gordon McCrae



Bidwell, Albert, Bill Shurts

Bidwell, Albert, Bill Shurts



hen party 1968
Helen, Kay, Phil, Big Pete, Emily, with Lori & Elsie in front 1969

Helen, Kay, Phil, Big Pete, Emily Reid, Lori, Elsie

Frank,Kay,  Elsie, Emily Reid & Al 1969

Frank, Kay, Elsie, Al, Emily



Lori waiting to play with Lawrence 1970

Lori waiting for Lawrence aka Joe.

Kay with Phil Potvine (James) and Joe Loon's son 1971

Kay with Phil Potvine (James) and Lawrence Loon

Emily Reid, Elsie, Albert, in the staffroom  1970

Emily Reid, Elsie, Albert

Flanagans, Rubins, and Reids 1975

Doc & Fritzi Flanagan, Ray & Eunice Rubin, and Helen Reid

Bullpen where Lori stayed with Kay 1971

The Bullpen

Cabin #2 where the Boshes stayed  1973

Cabin #2

Cabin #3

Cabin #3

Gladys Redsky

Gladys Redsky

Eddie Williams guiding the Boshes 1973

Eddie Williams

Cabin 4, 5

Cabins #4 & 5

New Lodge being built

New Lodge being built

Lawrence aka Joe Potvine

Lawrence aka Joe Potvine

Lori using sponge mops as crutches after cutting her foot  1975

Lori using sponge mops after cutting her foot open

Dennis Harcus, Al McIntosh, in the card room 1975

Dennis Harcus, Al McIntosh

Kris Tittlemier 1976

Kris Tittlemier, 1976

, chewing on their colts

Lori, Liz Beardy, Donalda, chewing on their colts

Liz Beardy, Bunty Simoneau, Donalda Simoneau, Alda Cunningham, Alma Hart 1976

Liz Beardy, Lori, Bunty, Donalda, Alda, Alma, 1976

Lori & Donalda Simoneau, 1976

Lori & Donalda Simoneau

Albert Vanasse

Albert Vanasse

Count Joseph Meran 1964, but in 1977 chapter

Count Joseph Meran

The sawmill 1977 chapter

The Sawmill

Helen on shorelunch

Helen on Shorelunch

Lori working the store 1978

Lori tending the store, 1978


Blue was the favourite, with Canadian close behind

Lori with her baby robin 1978

Lori with one of her baby robins, 1978


CUL 1978


Phil's fiance, Linda Manchulenko, 1978

Lori driving the buggy 1979

Lori driving the buggy, 1979

Charlie Redsky 1978

Charlie Redsky

Jack Yetter

Jack Yetter from Twin Disc

Jack Puelicher 1979

Jack Puelicher from M&I, 1979

The Tree Jack Puelicher & Helen climber 1979

"The Tree" 1979

Some of Al's Resorts

Some of Al's Resorts

Reid Family 2005
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