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Alma Hart

 When Al was looking for staff one spring, Alma suggested two of her own offspring, Peggy and Gerald. Both had the same charisma and work ethic as Alma. Peggy worked for the Reid's for just one summer, but Gerald stayed on to work at many different Reid camps for 42 years, breaking even Alma's record of 34 years. Alma delighted in helping to raise another whole generation of Reid children, and just like she had with Lori, Alma kept a watchful eye over Lori's son Reece, when he worked at another of Al's new camps, Utik. Alma passed away January 23, 2017, at the age of 88.

From Left: Liz Beardy, Lori, Bunty, Donalda, Alda, Alma
Alma's husband, Andy Rundell
Alice (Elsie's daughter), Alma, Kay, Emily Reid, Alice's daughter, Karen
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