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Helen Reid

 After Helen and Al returned to Canada from Arizona, Al started building his new resort in Manitoba. When it was completed, Helen loved to go up for a few days of fishing, fun, family, and friends. She often met up with Doc & Fritzi Flanagan, and Ray & Eunice Rubin, who came every year, often more then once. Having had her fill of roughing it, Helen preferred to keep out of the day to day running of the resort, and stayed in her home in Winnipeg most of the summer. Al & Helen did a lot of travelling during the winter, meeting up with many old customers who were by now life long friends. 

Sharp as a tack and living independently to the end, Helen passed away in 2023, at the age of 95.

Al & Helen with Pete Renner from M&I Banks. Still friends 22 years after Stork Lake closed.

From Left: Ray Rubin, Helen, Doc Flanagan, Fritzi Flanagan, Reece Pollock, Buck Rogers. At Knee Lake 1998

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