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Lori Reid

 When she returned from Europe, Lori obtained her Business Administration degree, and became a Wine Merchant of fine European wines. During this time, she and her family spent many memorable holidays fishing at Al's newest camp, Knee Lake. Lori went on to write three books about the Indigenous of Manitoba before she and her husband and two children re-located to Vancouver Island. Lori now enjoys her second act career as a Photographer and Editor for the Fish & Game Conservation Association Newsletter. She loves hiking with her huskies, skiing with her children & son-in-law, and fishing with her husband, Fred.

Showing Renee Rubin her new friend 

Lori and Donalda Simoneau 1977

Lori fishing with Dennis Harcus 1976

Lori showing Joe Loon how to make a fire LOL 1979

Lori with the Wall of Hats behind her

Al, Phil & Lori. About 1966

Lori with Chezy & Renee

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